Sunday, February 18, 2018
Khao tom

Kao Tom Chicken Soup

Though it resembles a congee, the rice here is not prepared into a porridge, and that’s why khao tom gai is among my go-to dishes when I get home and don’t have anything prepared for dinner. Within 20 minutes you can have this prepared from start to finish.

Beyond its simplicity, there are a number of more reasons that individuals love making khao tom gai. The very first is the lemongrass and galangal-infused broth. This provides the broth an incredibly aromatic, earthy, citrus flavor that is so particular of Thai food. Next, you can make khao tom gai as complicated or basic as you desire. Make it more broth-based and keep the seasonings to a minimum if you’re fighting a gastrointestinal or cold concern. If you want something more hearty, add more chicken and rice and go nuts with the flavorings. In particular, fried onions and garlic are my favorite additions as they include that wonderful crunch and smoky taste that can make any plain soup truly come alive