Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Khao tom

Khao Tom Rice Soup

Khao tom moo sap, which means boiled rice with sliced pork is a popular breakfast rice soup that’s eaten all throughout Thailand. It was one of the first dishes consumed in Thailand breakfasts. Khao tom isn’t really just an excellent breakfast, you can consume this anytime of the day. It’s best for a cold winter seasons day when you have actually got a cold, and you’re sympathizing with yourself. There are two things you need to get prepared prior to you make this. The first is an excellent pork stock.

Extremely easy to make the rice just has to be established to simmer, then it’s a quick stirfry and you’re done. The flavor might be more intense served this with soy sauce and Tabasco sauce. Just small amounts of soy sauce and Tabaasco were needed to enhance the flavor, however it made a huge difference suggest serving the soup with those dressings or others of your choice individuals who like intense flavors may wish to add a little kick.